United Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Newark forced to land in New York; at least 7 hurt


CBS News New York


NEW WINDSOR, N.Y. — A United Airlines flight was forced to land at Stewart Airport in Orange County on Friday.

Several passengers were hurt.

United Airlines Flight 85 out of Tel Aviv was headed to Newark Liberty International Airport, but it was diverted to Stewart Airport due to high winds and turbulence.

It landed safely around 6:45 p.m. There were approximately 200 passengers on board, according to the Orange County executive.

Emergency crews were waiting to check passengers out and take people to local hospitals.

“On arrival, our first EMS unit on the scene was encountered by a flight crew … They advised our crew that they had multiple people on the plane complaining of nausea, some chest pain from the turbulence,” said Michael Big, chief of operations for New Windsor EMS. “We transported seven to the local hospital for just some observation. No serious injuries or ailments, but most people wanted to get checked out at the local emergency room.”

The United flight refueled and took off again to Newark, but some passengers opted to take a bus.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it is investigating.

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