Warzone’s April Fools Game Mode Takes the Power from Cheaters and Gives it to Everyone


Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular Battle Royale titles and consistently clocks hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. The title infused the premium AAA CoD formula with Battle Royale mechanics, adding features like the Gulag, which made it stand out.

April Fools Day is a day that various video game companies use to put out dummy announcements that are jokes meant to look as believable as any other announcement can be. This time, Warzone introduced a new game mode on April Fools, and all of it was truly astonishing for players who were resorting to unfair means and hilarious for everyone else.

Call of Duty: Warzone Developers Play the Most Unexpected UNO Reverse

Call of Duty goes about things in a unique way.Call of Duty goes about things in a unique way.
Call of Duty goes about things in a unique way.

Recently, many players in Call of Duty: Warzone complained about cheating issues in the game’s Ranked playlist. As expected, the Ranked playlist is played by competitive players who are serious about the game and their ranks, so cheating issues can severely spoil one’s experience and competitive ambitions.

However, instead of applying fixes and ensuring it was a level playing field for everyone by not allowing players to cheat, the developers added a new game mode on April Fools. This was available under the Featured tab of the game called: “Totally Advanced Resurgence.”

As expected from a game mode that was added as a prank on April 1, the game mode has an insanely overpowered lineup of buffed movement mechanics and some perks available perpetually during the match:

One can notice how the movement in the game looks so much quicker than one is used to seeing in the game, and that is primarily because of the game mode. Fans reacted to this information in various ways; some were amused, and others were exasperated.

Fans React to Call of Duty: Warzone’s April Fools Mode Giving Them Godly Abilities

The SOA Subverter is so good, people have a feeling it'll be nerfed soon.The SOA Subverter is so good, people have a feeling it'll be nerfed soon.
The SOA Subverter is so good, people have a feeling it’ll be nerfed soon.

As hilarious as the clip embedded above looks, some players reported on various clips of the game mode on X and stated that various cheaters in the game were using similar hacks to their advantage earlier.

A player was seen visibly lamenting over the sad state of affairs and stated that it was only recently that many hackers in the game were using similar mechanics to cheat in the game:

Some others, on the other hand, were amused and fascinated by the clip and said they liked the fun game mode that encourages amusement and fun instead of grinding and competition. One even went ahead to state that this is how the game should always be like:

As expected, there cannot be a conversation about CoD on X without mentioning squad-based matchmaking or SBMM. A player stated that the devs, instead of investing their time on pranks and whimsies like these, should remove SBMM and work on the game’s matchmaking algorithm:

What do you think about this hilarious game mode added to the game by the developers? Do you think it is fitting for the occasion, or are you not amused and would rather play the actual game, which needs a lot of fixes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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