Water and sewerage projects €1.17 billion approved by the Council of Ministers Liberal


A national investment plan for water projects, focusing on the implementation of an integrated water policy that will respond to the new data and that will serve the needs of both water supply and irrigation throughout Cyprus, was approved by the Council of Ministers.

In her statement, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou stated that the Council of Ministers approved the National Water Projects Investment Plan after a related motion he filed. This is a plan that is being drawn up for the first time, following a relevant proposal prepared by the Water Development Department (WAD), and according to today’s decision, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, undertakes the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the Investment Plan.

With the National Investment Plan is achieved:

• Proper prioritization of projects based on documented needs

• Better allocation of water resources that can be utilized in the context of rational financial management

• Pan-Cypriot distribution of coverage of needs

• Better implementation of the sewer construction program

The national plan lists in order of priority the water works of the TAU and other drainage agencies, with a total budget of €1.17 billion.

The first priority projects are under construction and are numbered at 33 water infrastructure projectswastewater drainage (to comply with our commitments with the European Wastewater Directive), reclaimed water and irrigation, with an estimated value of €721.8 million, with a completion horizon of 2024-2029.

Another 60 projects are under evaluation with an estimated value of €445.5 million with a start and completion horizon in 2025 and 2030 respectively.

“Through the National Water Projects Investment Plan, we are implementing relevant government program goals for water sufficiency and the utilization of reclaimed water and laying the foundations for the consolidation of a long-term government water policy that strengthens water and wastewater management,” said the competent Minister.

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