‘Welcome to college!’: How Auburn’s Eugene Asante welcomed Cam Coleman to college football


It didn’t take long for the gem of Auburn’s 2024 recruiting class to learn college football is far more intense than playing at the high school level.

Auburn freshman wide receiver Cam Coleman arrived to campus as the second-highest rated recruit in program history after Hugh Freeze and the Tigers won the commitment of the 5-star prospect in December, beating out Texas A&M.

Despite all the buzz and high expectations surrounding him, Coleman admits he was humbled quickly.

And it was Auburn linebacker Eugene Asante who did the humbling.

“Man, I got rocked in practice one time,” Coleman said in an interview Thursday. “I got rocked by Eugene (Asante).”

According to Coleman, he was looking to go “crack” Asante during a play.

“I thought I was going to get him,” Coleman joked.

Instead, it was Asante who did the cracking. And Asante was quick to let Coleman hear about it.

“Welcome to college!,” Coleman said, mimicking what Asante told him after the play.

Coleman’s storytelling came as the result of being asked what he and fellow early enrollee wide receiver Bryce Cain tell Perry Thompson and Malcolm Simmons — Auburn’s other pair of incoming receivers who will be enrolling in the fall.

“Really almost every other day,” Coleman said when asked about how often he talks to Thompson and Simmons. “We tell them what we do in practice, what to expect… because they’re not here yet. They’re asking questions and we’ll answer them.”

In addition to giving Thompson and Simmons and inside look at practice, Coleman says he’s also offered some off-the-field advice such as taking good notes in the meeting room.

And after his run-in with Asante, Coleman has added another piece of advice.

“Come in with a humble mindset,” he tells them. “Come ready to work.”

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