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Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer reveals the ‘saddest move car lovers can make’ – and what you SHOULD do instead

THE host of Wheeler Dealers has revealed the “saddest move car lovers can make” with their motor.

Mike Brewer, 59, who co-presents the Discovery Channel’s show with Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestly, said owners of classic cars really do need to get behind the wheel and take it for a drive.

Mike urged owners of classic cars to take them out for a spin, not just keep them locked up in a garage


Mike urged owners of classic cars to take them out for a spin, not just keep them locked up in a garageCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

The TV star told Express.co.uk: “The saddest thing in the world is the person who dies with the lowest mileage Porsche.

“They are there to be driven. I know that first hand because I’ve got a collection.”

It was a sentiment backed by Priestly who urged buyers not to see their motors as an investment rather than a labour of love, saying that doing so is the “worst thing in the world”.

He said: “Buy something you love, buy something you’re interested in because when you love the car you’re much more likely to be willing to spend time on it, to look after it, to drive it.

“These classic cars love being driven. It’s the worst thing in the world to buy something classic and just tuck it away where no one ever gets to see it and it never turns a wheel.”

It comes after Brewer revealed his four key checks drivers of classic cars needed to make before winter sets in.

Brewer said that vintage car owners should never leave their cars in the garage unattended throughout the autumn and winter in order to avoid having to fork out for potentially pricey repairs.

Brewer’s words of wisdom come just days after he announced he was selling his own classic car – an ultra-rare 1968 Chevrolet for £60,000.

Previously, he had offered a £5,000 reward for his Ford Fiesta Mk1 that went missing in June.

The popular TV show sees vintage vehicles restored to their former glory and sold in the hope of making a tidy profit.

It finished its 26th series in September and is already in production for number 27.

The pair recently pulled back the curtain on some of the programme’s secrets and explained how some cars get picked to appear.

And Brewer opened up on how two decades at the helm nearly cost him his marriage while hinting at retirement in an interview last week.

It comes as motorists face losing hundreds as dealerships bring in ‘buying bans’ and second-hand cars plummet in value.

Meanwhile car fanatics have been “getting high blood pressure” after explorer finds whopping classic car graveyard with a Mustang and a Porsche.

Elsewhere, Toyota is “reviving iconic model” 20 years after it was discontinued – and it’ll make you nostalgic for the ‘90s.

Mike presents the popular show with Marc 'Elvis' Priestly


Mike presents the popular show with Marc ‘Elvis’ PriestlyCredit: Alamy

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