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Why isn’t my quilt a good enough baby gift?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My good friend is having her first grandchild. She asked me to make a quilt for the baby, which I did. Quilts are not cheap, so I asked if it could be my gift to the baby. She was thrilled and said yes.

My daughter, who is friends with the mom-to-be, is upset that I am not buying a gift from the registry. Am I messing up?

GENTLE READER: For handcrafting a gift that took you some time and will be remembered by the family when the animated tummy mat is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the landfill — instead of taking 15 seconds to check a box and push a button on a website? Miss Manners hopes not.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: One of my best friends decided, in her retirement, to write novels. She has already self-published one, which was dreadful, but fortunately I wasn’t asked to weigh in on it.

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