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Will Smith Scores Rare Win as Ralph Macchio Set to Appear With Jackie Chan in New Karate Kid Movie

The Karate Kid franchise is one that is loved by fans of all ages. From Jackie Chan to Ralph Macchio, some of the most incredible actors and martial artists have been a part of it. Not only does it have various movies to support its base, but even Cobra Kai, a spin-off series, happens to be just as successful. Standing as both iconic and classic at the same time, whether it is regarding a new season or movie, fans are always waiting to see more of what there is to offer.

Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid
Ralph Macchio | The Karate Kid

In this hustle and bustle, there seems to be another sparkle of hope. Out of the various movies and episodes that the franchise has taken under its wing, two people who shined brighter than the rest were Chan and Macchio. Lucky for the fans, they also happen to be starring together in the next Karate Kid movie.

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Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio Join Forces

In a recent video posted by Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube, Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan called out to the entire world claiming to be in search of the next Karate Kid. However, that was only a fragment of the news that was shared. The two actors first confirmed what could only be described as a fever dream. Chan and Macchio are set to star together in the latest Karate Kid movie. This not only opens up various doors of possibilities but confirms another aspect of the franchise.

Ralph Macchio from a scene in The Karate Kid
Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid

At first glance, Cobra Kai and 2010’s The Karate Kid would stand apart from the franchise’s lore. Although they are both a modern take on an otherwise classic story, they were different stories told from different perspectives altogether. Ralph Macchio, who is a part of Cobra Kai, starring alongside Chan, who was a part of Jaden Smith’s The Karate Kid, basically confirms the existence of each other’s worlds in their universe. That is, Smith’s movie is officially canon in the entire franchise and not just a stand-alone piece.

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Could Jackie Chan Make His Way into Cobra Kai?

About a year ago, Ralph Macchio went on record in an interview on Jake’s Takes giving an exact reason as to why Jackie Chan would be a misfit in Cobra Kai. According to him, it would essentially break canon, abruptly disrupting anything that was set up by the original franchise. Despite all the demands of fans wanting to see Chan appear in season 6, the chances of that were looking slim. That, however, might no longer be the case.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

“Well, I don’t think… I mean here’s the thing.. it’s a great question but there is a simple answer to why that won’t work in the Cobra Kai universe because… The guys that Jon, Josh, and Hayden talk about the Miyagiverse. Anyone who knew Mr. Miyagi and interacted with Mr. Miyagi is canon for our show. Whereas the characters of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, they were not in that world. It was a remake.”

The latest news regarding Chan and Macchio’s team-up basically stands as proof of Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith’s movie standing as part of the canon as well. Due to this revelation, it becomes clear that the possibility of Chan actually appearing in the sixth season of Cobra Kai is also essentially something that highly increases.

The upcoming Karate Kid movie is set to release in December 2024 and begin filming during the Spring of 2024.

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