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In recent years in Greece, two women a month have been killed by someone close to them, usually a husband or partner. The latest victim is a 28-year-old woman, whose murder has a peculiarity: She was stabbed to death by her 39-year-old ex-partner, outside a police station, in the presence of a policeman who was standing outside the station. And this shows how unprotected a woman is, despite what is said about awareness and mechanisms of action.

According to the events as described by Greek media, the girl broke up with her killer in 2020, reporting him to the police authorities for abuse and rape, but without her complaint having any effect. She had last seen him lurking outside her house, just like on the fateful night. Returning home she spotted him there, whereupon she changed and rushed to the local police station, filing a complaint and requesting an escort to return home. There they informed her that there was no patrol car and she should call for immediate action. And while he was at the police station, he went outside to call the police. Another section one, and another the other. They cannot interfere with each other’s duties. And as he was calling for immediate action, next to the cause, he was murdered on the air with immediate action.

And now an investigation has been ordered. But before it was over, the police were stationed: they suggested the girl wait inside, but she wanted to go outside to call the other police. “Furthermore, says a police announcement, from 2023 victims will have access to the special application of immediate and timely notification of the Police with the possibility of geolocation (Panic Button)”. That is, if the girl pressed the panic button, would the reaction be more immediate than being there in the police station, in front of a policeman and describing the situation while trembling with fear?

The new femicide, but also the reaction of the police, shows how unprotected a woman who reports violence is. She can do all the steps they tell her to do, but it’s still her fault because there was something else she didn’t do: she didn’t go to the right section, she didn’t push the right button… Apparently, despite so many femicides, she’s not easily believed. The danger is not perceived by people who have not experienced similar experiences, have not been in the position of a woman who is afraid to even go to her house.

Every time something like this happens, we hope – if nothing else – to become wiser.

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