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About 250 nurses, who are seconded, perform other duties in addition to nursing duties, as a result of which public hospitals are left without nurses, as reported during the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, which continued the discussion of a bill concerning the removal of limitation regarding the maximum time duration of the secondment and its renewal, for employees of the public service and public law organizations, so that these are regulated based on the provisions of the Law on Public Service regarding secondments.

Specifically, speaking during the Committee session, the representative of the Pancypriot Union of Nurses (PASYNO) Christos Christodoulou requested that an audit be carried out on the postings that are made and added that “nurses are the largest mass of workers (3,500 nurses) that was posted from the public service in OKYpY”.

He stated that “without control we will have serious problems in the end” because the nurses who were seconded “instead of being in the wards and working for the clinical area, go to OKYPY, who then second them somewhere else and the hospitals in the end were left without nurses”.

These nurses “do anything other than nursing duties,” it said, adding that “it is rampant to send nurses to other services, without replacement.”

Speaking during the session, the President of the Committee, Christiana Erotokritou, referred to the importance of the issue raised by the representative of PASYNO and the need for the issue to be examined in a session of the Health Committee of the Parliament.

He said that due to the peculiarity and specificity of the duties of the people working in the health sector if we have a pathogen in your service we must discuss the issue raised by the representative of PASYNO in the relevant Health Committee.

“I cannot have a shortage of nurses with all the consequences and have 250 nurses doing clerical duties,” said Ms Erotokritou.

Besides, in relation to the bill for the lifting of the limitation regarding the maximum duration of the secondment, DISY Member of Parliament Onoufrios Koullas said during the session that the bill “introduces in a different way another concept that we could have introduced anyway otherwise”, i.e. posting throughout the working life, adding that DISY’s position is that it should be possible to transfer an employee from one service to another, permanently.

“Because for us the state is a single employer, it is possible that this needs to be introduced,” he added.

Mr. Kulla said that “what we need to see are the correct organizational charts of each Ministry and each department”, adding that they probably need a systematic review especially at a time when we are trying to invest a few hundred million in e-government, in the fastest automated process and in the best organization”.

AKEL Member of Parliament Andreas Kavkalias, after noting that AKEL will be placed in the next stage of consideration of the bills, said that “through the data submitted by the Ministry concerning the secondments, our concerns and our objections to the fact that we are going through a legislation (secondment law) to regulate issues that should not be like the permanent needs of the state”.

“Unfortunately, in our opinion, it remains a given that these legislations have been used, in addition to covering permanent needs of the state – which should not be -, as a vehicle for serving and helping mothers,” he added.

He stated that AKEL believes that “a more substantial act should be done from the point of view of the executive power” and “let’s see what we have done so far, what we have achieved through the legislative regulations, evaluate the data and let the executive power come through a dialogue with the trade unions which have a lot to offer in this process and to seriously and responsibly discuss solutions that will deal with the issues before us at their root”.

A representative of the OHO-SEK stated that the SEK agrees with the bill and “applauds the new effort being made” and added that some problems that exist are “slowly being corrected”. Both the representative of PASYDY and the representative of the Independent Union of Public Servants of Cyprus (ASDYK) agreed with the bill, who at the same time called on the MPs to bring amendments in order to make the most extensive changes to the bill to make it “fair for the employees’ and create ‘a roll call list of people who want to be posted’.

The representative of the PEO stated that the union disagrees with the bill and “today our fears are confirmed, as he said, “that it has nothing to do (the bill) with correcting and filling legitimate needs in organizations and the public service”.

“The situation today creates distortions in the organizational structure”, he said and brought as an example the Nicosia Sewerage Council where “there is a lack of engineers, in view of the construction of the new Provincial Self-Government Organization (EOA)”, as he said, while there is a “permanent engineer on secondment to the Presidential”.

He said that the specific position will be filled by new recruitment and “this proves that the issue is not resolved” and added that “what needs to be done is to fix the organizational structures, hire the necessary permanent staff and end this thing”.

The PEO representative also said that two bills that are before the Interior Committee regarding “18-month temporary secondment of employees from Municipalities to EOAs to assist with licensing and for voluntary transfer of permanent employees who now wish” to go permanently to EOAs , while he wondered “what will happen if the EOAs are moved by the secondment method permanently elsewhere”.


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