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The Board of Directors of RIK in a statement he assures that the salaries will be paid to the employees of the Foundation immediately after the April 1st holiday, as soon as it is processed by the Banks.

The RIK Administration clarifies that ta remittances are made through a German bank and due to the Catholic Easter bank holiday it was not possible to pay the salaries on time which was scheduled to be made on March 29 (last working day of the month)

He also mentions that huge efforts were made to overcome all the obstacles that arose due to the blocking of RIK’s bank accounts as a result of a Court Order, in order to be able to pay the salary to the staff, immediately with the passing of the budget by the Parliament on Thursday, March 28.

The Board of Directors of RIK thanks the Ministers of Interior, Finance and Labor for their decisive contribution and states that the goal of the new Board of Directors is to prevent the recurrence of similar problems in the future, having as priority the interest of all employees at RIK.

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