Andreas Vyras officially announced for the mayorship of Larnaca – “Larnaca We Continue” | Liberal


With videos on social media with flavor and color Larnaca and with the slogan “Larnaka We Continue”, today officially announced his candidacy for re-election to the Municipality of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras.

In his message to the citizens of Larnaca, Oroklini and Livadia, Andreas Vyras looks back on the 7 years he served as Mayor of Larnaca, presenting the development of the city through projects and activities. Projects which are the result of collective and methodical work in a spirit of cooperation.

“With effort and hard work, we managed to make our city the star” he says in his message, then presenting Larnaca that achieves its goals, that develops, that beautifies, that greens, that cares, that has fun, that sports, that flourishes and that grows to embrace Oroklini and Livadia.

“It’s time to take our city even further, it’s Larnaca’s time” says Andreas Vyras, while closing, he asks the citizens to renew their trust in order to continue the development and progress of Larnaca. “Friends, you know very well who I am. After seven years, you know that I put our city above everything else. I ask for the renewal of your trust in order to continue serving you as Mayor of Larnaca. To continue together what we started. On June 9, Larnaca We continue!”

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