At €830 the minimum wage from April 1st in Greece Liberal


The increase of minimum wagewhich from April 1 will rise to 830 euros, announced Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers.

As he said, it is an increase of around 50 euros, which “will drag up three years and many benefits that are linked to the minimum wage”.

“I want to remind you that when we got down to business, the minimum wage was 650 euros, in 2019. It has essentially shown an increase of 27%,” said the Greek Prime Minister.

Speaking of a well-thought-out decision, he noted that the current floor increase is a relief to workers, but does not affect “the resilience of the economy and the competitiveness of the businesses».

“Because I heard yesterday that there was a debate in Parliament about the GDP per capita, let’s point out that in 2023 the per capita GDP showed the largest increase among the 27 countries of the European Union”, Mr. Mitsotakis asserted.

“Obviously, we are still not where we want to be, because we are carrying the burden of a ten-year crisis. But no one can doubt that the overall course of the economy and the course of income growth is moving in the right, positive direction,” he noted.

“THE new basic salary implies an increase in 18 more benefits: from the unemployment and seasonal employment allowance, to the maternity allowance of the same amount, which, let’s remember, has already been extended to female farmers and freelancers”, he said, adding that with this specific measure an additional 800,000 beneficiaries are supported.

More broadly, Mr. Mitsotakis he also referred to yesterday’s proceedings in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, where the motion of no confidence was discussed, saying that “citizens had the opportunity to hear the truth about the tragic accident in Tempi”.

At the same time, he said he spoke “honestly, from the heart”, while accusing the opposition parties of “running into toxicity as we march towards the European elections”. In the same direction, he repeated the accusations that the opposition exploits human suffering and that it “hugs” with extra-institutional centers.

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