Car flips 7 times and ends up in the sea – The moment the driver is thrown | Liberal


Lucky in his misfortune was the driver of a car, which had developed a high speed on a beach in Kuwaitcausing the vehicle to make successive somersaults, itself being launched into the air and landing in the sea.

Video captured the crazy course of the four-wheel drive Toyota FJ Cruiser on the beach with the car zig-zagging across the sand. The vehicle splashes water in its path as the driver accelerates along the shoreline and in a sharp maneuver loses control and rolls several times before coming to rest in the sea on its side.

As the car somersaults, the driver can be seen being thrown into the air, spinning and falling with momentum into the water next to his overturned vehicle. The waters seem to break his fall, as the young man manages to stand up and limp slightly to shore.

Bystanders rush to his aid as he sits on the sand to recover, while the cameraman laughs as he watches the bizarre incident.

The near-fatal accident took place last Saturday at Abu Hassaniya Beach near Kuwait City. The fire department later recovered the vehicle, which was seized by the authorities. It is not yet known if the 34-year-old driver of the car, who was not wearing a seat belt, will be charged with dangerous driving.

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