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Comeback of Frank Buschmann and other old acquaintances? RTL team is taking shape

The NFL will be shown on free TV on RTL in Germany from the coming 2023 season. Apparently some old friends from the ProSiebenSat1 broadcasts will be there.

The on-air faces of the new NFL broadcaster RTL are to be announced at a press event in Frankfurt on Friday. However, there are already some rumors in advance about who will be there. The hottest name is obviously Frank Buschmann, who has been known from 2012 to 2017 for ProSieben Maxx commented on the NFL.

The source of this rumor is, of all things, his future colleague Jan Stecker, who has already conducted the broadcast for RTL as part of the broadcast of the NFL Draft and was also present at ProSieben. Connector chatted about the news on the “NFL Germany” podcast, only to take it back half-heartedly. The fact that this slip of the tongue made it into the finished show also speaks volumes.

In addition to Buschmann, there should be another comeback in NFL coverage, because how Picture reports, Florida Schmidt-Sommerfeld will also be part of the team. He commentated on the NFL for ProSieben Maxx until 2017 before joining the pay TV network sky changed. “Schmiso” would no longer be able to comment on Sunday Premier League games if he actually went to RTL with his friend and colleague Buschmann.

NFL on RTL: Vollmer and Kuhn are certain

It is already known that the former NFL players Sebastian Vollmer and Markus Kuhn, who commented on the Monday Night Games for DAZN a few years ago, will be there as experts on RTL.

The team should be rounded off loudly Picture also by the previous ProSieben experts Patrick Esume and Björn Werner, who had previously kept their future open.

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