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Elon Musk Celebrates Jon Stewart’s Return to The Daily Show After Former Host Was Attacked for Being ‘Too Woke’

The run-up to the 2024 elections is in full swing. Both Republicans and Democrats are ready to battle it all out for the much-coveted seat. And in the midst of all this hubbub, Jon Stewart is back where he belongs, hosting The Daily Show. The 61-year-old’s return comes at a major juncture for everyone who is a part of the show, as it had been battling dismal ratings for the past 9 years. The bad days are gone now though. Even Elon Musk can’t help but get behind his brand of comedy.

Jon Stewart had an eye for satire

Jon StewartJon Stewart
Jon Stewart’s craft inspired many

Jon Stewart made a name for himself as a political commentator who would be renowned for his satiric attacks on the people in power. It is a testament to his caliber that he was the host of The Daily Show for a healthy part of two decades, holding the reins of the show from 1999 to 2015.

Those were years of prosperity for the show. It prospered under the brand Stewart, going on to become America’s premier satirical talk show. No wonder his style inspired a host of other people to follow in his footsteps. The Daily Show would be ‘the political show’ everyone wanted to catch.

The Daily Show was not the same after Jon Stewart’s departure

Trevor Noah 1Trevor Noah 1
Everything wasn’t the same under Trevor Noah

Almost a decade down the line from his departure in 2015, things weren’t the same. The mantle of replacing Stewart fell to Trevor Noah. It would be amiss to say that he failed to do justice to his role. Numerous primetime Emmy nominations, and an award to his credit in 2022, ensure that no one can doubt that.

Yet it didn’t feel the same. Once the 39-year-old took the reins in his own hand, the ratings began to dwindle. It’s a fact that the show’s online presence was given a serious fillip in his tenure, but it didn’t translate into increased viewership. It wasn’t working. And so came the resignation. And, not to forget, the Homecoming!

Jon Stewart’s grand welcome

Jon Stewart Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart is back where he belongs

Jon Stewart’s return to action has been quite lively. Fans have already begun to rally behind their favorite host, including the likes of Elon Musk.

He’s not alone though.

The brand of comedy must come as a breath of fresh air to the fans of the OG The Daily Show as well. But there were people who could not wrap their heads around his appointment. After all, who would want to hear a ‘woke leftist’?

Ironically, he kicked off his stint with a satire on none other than Joe Biden, tearing into the 81-year-old. His right-wing detractors must be ruing their words.

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