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HAUSER: Rebel with a cello

Τhe “bad boy” – and founding member – of 2Cellos, known simply as HAUSER, will visit Cyprus during his “Rebel with a Cello” tour for an unforgettable show at the Municipal Garden Theater “Μarios Τokas” in Limassol on Friday 22nd of September 2023.

HAUSER – Adagio (Albinoni)


The shows of the superstar cellist are known for bringing forward his signature performance pyrotechnics alongside his romantic and soulful, playing sound and style. A complex style that makes him unique. HAUSER belongs to a musical category that he himself invented.

And while music’s mischievous romantic is including everything his fans have come to know and love through his visual media presentations, HAUSER’s first „Rebel with a Cello” tour features a third act of rocking and rhythmic retro into modern globally- influenced dance tracks from his solo album which is available Worldwide, “The Player.”

HAUSER – Caruso – ‘Alone, Together’

Dance with him and experience the captivating magic of his performances!

Since that fateful moment when he decided to create a new, musical experience out of the long and established traditions of classical, pop and rock music, HAUSER has been playing arena concerts all over the world and, defying the conventions of the established music business. His iconic rendition of Michael Jackson’s, “Smooth Criminal,” the vehicle that launched him as an internet sensation and, established him as the founding member of the duo 2Cellos, has not only captured the hearts and minds of millions but more importantly, has cemented HAUSER as one of the world’s most important twenty-first century instrumentalists.

HAUSER’S performance style may only be described as electric; a unique pairing of cello pyrotechnics that align beauty, elegance and true rock muscle. Fueled by a repertoire base that is as wide and expansive as Lady Gaga is from Tchaikovsky or Shakira is from Shostakovich, HAUSER is the dynamic cellist performing all of it and taking the world by storm – for what other classically trained cellist can say they have toured with Elton John?

HAUSER – La Isla Bonita

Whether it is through his collaborations with other living legends such as Andrea Bocelli, Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Michael and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, or through his personal, visually stunning YouTube series, “Alone Together,” HAUSER continues to captivate his audiences with the sheer beauty of his music, constantly redefining his musical boundaries.

HAUSER is a study in contrasts; equally at home and comfortable with classical music as he is with pop music and, in possession of an uncommon and near encyclopedic knowledge of both. As part of the quintessential 2Cellos, HAUSER has toured the world. During the Christmas 2021 season, he had the great honor of performing and appearing in front of Pope Francis but he has also given performances to several American Presidents, Prince Charles as well as Queen Elizabeth. His virtuosic and soulful playing style has been recognized with no fewer than 21 first prizes amongst the world’s most prestigious national and international music competitions.

HAUSER – The Godfather

Tickets: https://shop.tickethour.com/showEventInformation.html?idEvent=4294

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