He is waiting for answers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for replacements and the POED decides to take measures Liberal


The situation in relation to the understaffing observed in Primary Education schools, which results from the lack of substitutes in the school units, which seriously hampers their orderly operation, was assessed, in its recent session, by the Board of Directors of the POED, which decided on a series of reaction measures.

The FOED, in today’s announcement, states that “unfortunately for another year, our schools remain without substantial support in this matter”.

At the same time, he reminds us of the seriousness of the issue, which has been plaguing schools for years.

“The actions that have been taken to date are in no way sufficient and do not solve the problem,” he notes.

For this reason, the Organization reports, the POED Board of Directors at the session of March 21, 2024, decided on a series of reaction measures such as publicizing the problem through announcements and a press conference, informing the members of the Organization in writing about the actions taken so far by POED, seeking cooperation with Organized Parents and with the aim of jointly highlighting the problem and trying to solve it and holding protest events inside and outside the school premises.

He adds that in a meeting that the POED Secretariat had with the Minister of Education on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, the POED once again reiterated its positions with the aim of alleviating the problem, but also its substantial resolution from the next school year.

“The Minister of Education once again asked to study the possibility of adopting specific recommendations of the FOED and to give an answer in the next few days. At the same time, he accepted the establishment of two technical committees, with the aim, on the one hand, of the immediate institutionalization of the working framework of the substitutes, following the MITEPEY of July 15, 2021, and on the other hand, the start of the discussion regarding the Legislation of the lists of appointees and appointees. We remind you that POED’s position is to maintain the list of appointees and to correct the distortions related to the new appointment system”, the Organization states.

Therefore and in view of waiting for the final answers from the Ministry, the POED reports that its Board of Directors, which will meet in an emergency on April 4, 2024, will re-evaluate any new data and decide on its next actions.

“At the session in question, the POED Board will also evaluate the issue of the Administrative Time of the Management Team, in relation to the final proposal submitted by the Ministry of Finance”, he adds.

He notes that with regard to the point of the proposed regulations for the operation of Primary Education Schools, in which there was a serious disagreement between POED and YPAN, the dispute is resolved by amending the relevant article, on the basis and positions of the Organization.

“Therefore, we await the passing of the regulations with the relevant correction, which we believe will help more in the orderly operation of the school units”, he concludes.


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