Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Promises to Find a Way to Honor Fallen ‘Battle Brother’


Helldivers 2 has taken over the gaming world and continues to do so, with more and more players joining the fight for democracy, no matter how tough it is. Players have come together and won several battles, and the sense of camaraderie in the community is something never seen before.

The players are now honoring one fallen comrade who sadly passed away earlier this month, and Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO Johan Pilestedt has also promised the community that the studio will find a way to honor the fallen “battle brother” in the game.

Helldivers 2 CEO Promises to Remember the Fallen Player

Helldivers 2 CEO has promised to honor one player who recently passed away.Helldivers 2 CEO has promised to honor one player who recently passed away.
Helldivers 2 CEO has promised to honor one player who recently passed away.

Reddit user and Helldivers 2 player Fine-Clothes-1209 took to the game’s subreddit and informed the community that their best friend, whose in-game handle was OkamiCheems, passed away on his birthday. The player said that OkamiCheems “loved the game, and he grinded it out daily.”

The player also added that he taught them “how to kite chargers, drop bile titans with the railgun,” and several other things. The player further relayed that the duo had faced hordes of Automatons and had blown up so many Terminid holes that they could not count. They said that OkamiCheems managed to get to max-level and Skull Admiral status the day before his death.

byu/Fine-Clothes-1209 from discussion

The player further inquired from the community if there was a way to export his game data, as they wanted to make a memorial with the game stats. This tribute caught the eye of Helldivers 2 CEO Johan Pilestedt, who replied to the player and offered his condolences.

He further added, “I will speak to the team on how to remember one of the fallen. As my grandma said, “Sorgen är för de som lever kvar,”” which is Swedish for “Grief is for those who are still alive.” The player was thrilled to know this, and it would really be amazing to see the fallen soldier get an in-game tribute in some way.

Helldivers 2 Community Salutes the Fallen Player

The game community has come together to salute the player.The game community has come together to salute the player.
The game community has come together to salute the player.

Several touching tributes poured in, with a player calling the community’s attention and saluting the fallen player. The top reply to fans honoring OkamiCheems reads, “The Ministry of War would like to commend this helldiver for his bravery, devotion, and sacrifice to the spread of managed democracy, freedom, liberty, and for Super Earth. He will be sent off with full honors. Soldiers, attention!! Salute!”

Thousands of players have offered their condolences, with the majority of them saluting OkamiCheems. The post has received more than 44k upvotes, with several players writing eulogies for the player.

The last line of one such eulogy reads, “Skull Admiral Cheems, today you stand relieved. Rest in peace. We have the watch.” One player said that they are “amazed by the camaraderie of this community.” This bittersweet community support is truly what makes Helldivers 2 the game it is.

Did you pay respects to OkamiCheems yet? If not, you can do so via the Reddit post embedded above. Are you playing the game? Let us know in the comments.

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