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I forked out £80 on my nails and it was a total disaster – they point in all different directions

FROM diamonds to intricate floral patterns, there are a whole host of different designs to choose from when it comes to getting a new set of nails.

And no matter what you choose in the end, you expect to be walking out feeling chuffed with your decision.

Becca Woodke splashed out £80 on her nails and it was a total disaster


Becca Woodke splashed out £80 on her nails and it was a total disasterCredit: Tiktok/@beccawoodke
Becca's nails point in all different directions


Becca’s nails point in all different directionsCredit: Tiktok/@beccawoodke

But unfortunately for one woman, she had a very different experience following a recent visit to her local salon.

Taking to TikTok, Becca Woodke shared several inspo snaps which featured a simple neutral manicure design.

But while the classic design looked pretty simple to recreate, something else appeared to go drastically wrong along the way.

That’s if the finished result is anything to go by anyway…

Sharing a photo of the rather different look she was left with, Becca was horrified to find her nails had started turning upwards, and in all different directions.


Alongside the post, she penned: “Within 10 minutes I was at another nail salon to get them fixed.

“It was the worst £80 I ever spent.”

The video has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 1.8 million views and several comments from social media users.

“Please tell me you didn’t pay for this,” wrote one.

A second asked: “Why are they…up?”

A third questioned: “Why would you leave like that? Say something and get them fixed.”

Becca replied: “Her customer service was atrocious and her work literally hurt my nails the whole time. I just needed to leave.”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Never would have paid for that.”

Another penned: “Omg – how did they get them to all go in different directions??”

A further added: “The gasp I gusped.”

And one more chimed in: “I was not prepared….”

The nail inspo snaps that Becca shows the nail tech


The nail inspo snaps that Becca shows the nail techCredit: Tiktok/@beccawoodke

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