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“I have betrayed you, you have the wrong guy”: Brad Pitt Asked ‘Fight Club’ Director to Fire Him, Gave Him a Fair Warning Before They Started Shooting

Brad Pitt undoubtedly stands as one of the greatest actors of this era. Through cinematic masterpieces such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, and Seven, to name a few, he has showcased his talent knows no bounds. Yet, despite his immense success, he struggles with self-doubt each time he starts on a new project. This unique pattern has marked his career from day one. Pitt is thus now also known for his cold feet and jitters before diving into any fresh project.

Thus, having known the actor for several decades, the director of Fight Club sheds light on Brad Pitt’s true nature and the challenges he faces while working with him on the 2013 issue of Esquire Magazine.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt Asked the Fight Club Director to Fire Him

The actor Brad Pitt who seems quite confident of his talents, loses some of it before diving into any of the new projects. Much like many others, Brad Pitt, too, succumbs to pre-project jitters. He finds himself plagued by self-doubt, questioning every step and contemplating his ability to the extreme. So much so, that it compels him to make anxious calls to his film directors, at times even pleading them to fire him from the job. David Fincher who has known the actor long before he was famous and also directed him in a couple of critically acclaimed movies shared with Esquire Magazine,

“Two weeks before he starts shooting any given project, Brad calls and says, ‘I’ve betrayed you. You have the wrong guy. Here’s your opportunity to get rid of me now.’ Then he moves on. He’s not neurotic. He doesn’t second-guess himself. He just needs to get that out of his system.”

Brad Pitt as the Tyler Durden in Fight Club
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Following this period, the actor again regains his confidence, just in the nick of time to start his new job and deliver exceptional performances. According to Fincher, those working closely with the actor must patiently accompany him through every phase of the process. It’s a journey that the actor goes through before he is prepared to tackle any challenge that comes his way.

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Brad Pitt’s Fame Made It Very Difficult for David Fincher to Be Friends With Him

David Fincher witnessed the actor’s meteoric surge in fame following the release of the movie Seven up close. In the same magazine feature, the director detailed how this sudden change took place within a few short weeks.

Brad Pitt and David Fincher
Brad Pitt and David Fincher

To describe the extent of Pitt’s stardom, Fincher recounted a normal incident where even going out heavily disguised under layers of accessories also could not save Pitt from the limelight. Drawing the attention of hundreds of fans who quickly surrounded them, hounding them for a glimpse or an autograph. He said,

“We’d meet at a diner or a Denny’s in Hollywood and nobody bothered us. Three weeks into Seven, we needed security. I’ve been in situations with Brad where we go out for pizza and he has sunglasses on and a beard and a scarf and a baseball cap, and seven minutes later we can’t go out the door. All that was starting on Seven, and it wasn’t easy. There’s a madness that surrounds you. And you’re trying to navigate the world and to navigate your adult life, and there’s all these other things vying for your attention.”

The director then went on to explain the detrimental impact of such immense fame on someone like Pitt within the industry. However, he later revealed how shocked he was when he observed how Pitt handled everything with grace as if this were the sole purpose he was destined for.

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Source: Esquire

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