Ioannou: “In the last few days we have been attacked with a sapiocarava” – Real support from the EU | Liberal


The need for practical support of the Republic of Cyprus from European Union to deal with the increased migration flows, emphasized the Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Ioannou.

Speaking to Trito, he said the government had taken many measures to make Cyprus an unattractive destination, achieving an 85% reduction in migrant flows from African countries.

He indicated, however, that this cannot happen with the Syrians in Lebanon, because they are considered refugees who are granted temporary protection status.

Mr. Ioannou pointed out that the situation is constantly getting worse and expressed his assessment that this situation will continue.

“In the last few days we have been practically attacked with a rotting boat”said the Minister of the Interior.

He even warned that the Republic of Cyprus will no longer be able to respond if the increased immigration flows continue.

Mr. Ioannou also said that Lebanon must receive more financial support from the European Union.

He indicated that Nicosia demands the re-evaluation of the Syrian regime and the interconnection of the aid received by Lebanon, with the country’s ability to intercept boats bound for Cyprus.

“Cyprus does not want money, what it demands is that solidarity be demonstrated in practice by the other member states of the European Union”, noted the Minister of the Interior.


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