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Italy sighs of relief and being in the Euro Cup without the need for a play-off


Spalletti’s team held on to a goalless draw against a determined Ukraine looking for a place in March. Czech Republic and Slovenia qualified and today it will be decided whether Croatia or Wales will close the group of 20

Barella celebrates the classification with the rest of the players
Barella celebrates the qualification for the Euro with the rest of the players.EFE

A deep sigh of relief ran from Turin to Catania. Italy be in the German Euro Cup without having to go through a stressful play-off. It was already strange to see the current champions suffering in a group in which England It took off, but where it was difficult for them to get rid of Ukraine, Malta and North Macedonia, the ogre that left them without the World Cup in Qatar in the play-offs. That is the burden carried by the Italians, who despite their four World Cups, have seen the last two on television. Since 1958 nothing like this has happened to them. Also missing the European event would have been a catastrophe.

Ukraine He jumped onto the field with the players wrapped in their national flag and the stands at the BayArena in Leverkussen handed over. Being in the Euro is his contribution to alleviating the pain of his people at war. He gave Italy the first scare with a powerful shot from Tsygankov that Donnarumma caught. Enough to remind the azurri where they were and what was at stake. woke up Chiesa to become the nightmare of a defense that was trying to be serious and resist. Engatill an assist Zaniolo from the far post but the ball went over the crossbar. The team could not maintain its harassment. Spalletti because from every Ukrainian robbery an opportunity was born. had to appear Donnarumma’s hand to deflect Sudakov’s blow. The duel was back and forth, although if the game passed through Chiesa it became electrified. Prob Barella from the front and goalkeeper Trubin prevented DiMarco He would score in a play put together, of course, by Chiesa.

The passage through the locker room encouraged the Ukrainians, who shook off their dominance and, with little to lose, went for it. At point blank range, Donnarumma once again saved the failure of his defense that he was about to take advantage of. Mudryck. The Slavs even asked for a penalty Gil Manzano in 90, but Italy held on.

I breathed, as did the Czech Republic with their 3-0 victory against Moldova that puts them directly into the Euro, where the Slovenia by Jan Oblak after winning 2-1 against Kazakhstan.

Croatia’s last bullet

He wants the direct square that remains Croatia and they will play it today against Armenia. Modric’s team needs to maintain the two points advantage it has over Welshwhich closes this classification by hosting Turkey, with the ticket to Germany in its pocket.

The homework has already been done by 19 teams that will join the host and await Croatia or Wales. They are Spain, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, England, Turkey, Albania, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and the Czech Republic. It will take an extra effort for three others to reach the top European competition.

They will have to do it via repechage with a playoffs who will be deputy between March 21 and 26. In this Thursday’s draw, twelve teams will be divided into three groups of four teams that will compete in two semifinals and a final. The three winners will complete the 24 qualifiers. Some with pedigree will have to go through this ordeal like Poland or Greece in addition to Georgia, Bosnia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Finland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Ukraine and Wales or Croatia.

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