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Jefferson County’s first ever economic development advisor to create five-year county improvement plan

The Jefferson County Commission recently announced longtime local development expert Jefferson Traywick as the county’s first ever economic development advisor.

Traywick comes to his new role with over two decades of development experience including work with both the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) and the Bessemer Industrial Development Board.

After spending the majority of his life in Hueytown, Traywick said he is all too familiar with the impact the loss or creation of local jobs can have and said he aims to set the county up for continued employment success with an upcoming five-year strategic plan.

First off, congratulations on the new role! I know you just started pretty recently, but do you have any ideas or strategies in mind already to push the county’s economic development?

So, you know, when it comes to economic development strategic focus really needs to be in three areas, in my opinion.

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