‘John Carter Is Coming’ – The Return of Disney’s Biggest Flop in Years May Actually Be a Great Thing for Gamers (EXCLUSIVE)


The tale of John Carter has been iconic in the realm of science fiction novels for a long time, as it started way before Frank Herbert wrote his sci-fi epic, Dune. Unfortunately, the story hasn’t had the best fate in the world of movies, with several attempts never reaching their full potential due to development hell, but in 2012, Disney took the risk and created a film based on the Barsoom series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Things didn’t go well for Andrew Stanton’s adaptation, called John Carter, as it became one of the biggest box-office bombs of all time, but our close sources say that the character is set to make a comeback.

John Carter Is Making a Return

Taylor Kitsch portrayed Captain John Carter in the 2012 Disney film.Taylor Kitsch portrayed Captain John Carter in the 2012 Disney film.
Taylor Kitsch portrayed John Carter in the film.

Disney put a lot of financial trust in the John Carter film, spending $350 million on it, which made it one of the most expensive films ever made, but that faith never came to fruition, as the movie failed at the box office. It led to a $200 million writedown for Disney and started a chain of events that would eventually see the return of the character.

Due to the commercial failure of John Carter, Disney’s head back then, Rich Ross, resigned; the lead actress Lynn Collins was asked to go into hiding; and two years later, the rights were reverted back to Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

Although it’s surprising to see John Carter reappear in 2024, there could be some reasons why the author’s estate is bringing him back, with one being the success that Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptations have garnered. There’s a time for every story, and if one sci-fi tale from the last century set on a different planet can succeed today, then so can another.

It could also be because the estate is afraid of losing the rights again, but it remains to be seen what type of media John Carter will be returning to.

A John Carter Game Makes More Sense Than Another Film

A John Carter game would be much less of a risk than another movie.A John Carter game would be much less of a risk than another movie.
A John Carter game would be less risky than another movie.

Our close sources say that while they’re unsure of whether it’s a film, game, show, etc., they’re certain it’s something big in regards to the kind of media in which John Carter will be making his comeback. Since there’s not much to do except speculate until the countdown to the character’s return reaches zero, it’s unlikely that another company would spend as much as Disney or take the risk on another film.

The fact that Dune: Awakening, an upcoming MMO, exists supports the speculation that John Carter could be getting his own game, as it costs less than creating a film but can provide a more immersive experience, with big Hollywood names admitting that gaming has evolved.

If Arrakis can be converted into a game, then so can Barsoom. We have to wait for 32 days to find out how Carter will be returning.

Are you looking forward to meeting Carter again? Let us know in the comments!

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