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Jordan Aulizio, who’s suing Kinsman’s fire chief, receives sentence in his criminal case

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man who is suing Kinsman’s fire chief received his sentence Monday in his criminal case.

Jordan Aulizio, 38, pleaded guilty in November to an amended indictment on charges of obstructing official business and resisting arrest. As part of the plea, felony assault charges against him were dropped.

According to a court employee, Aulizio received a sentence of three years of probation, and he will also have to pay court costs.

The charges against Aulizio stemmed from an incident outside a convenience store in Kinsman on July 7 that led to his arrest and later a federal lawsuit against Kinsman’s fire chief.

According to a police report from Aulizio’s arrest, police noted that Aulizio was at the store and was not making sense and that his pupils were dilated. They attempted to stop him, saying he had a warrant for his arrest, but police said Aulizio kicked an officer and spit in a paramedic’s face.

Aulizio contends that Kinsman Fire Chief Cory Van Kanegan forcefully administered the overdose reversal drug Narcan on him during this time, despite his pleas that he was not overdosing and did not want treatment.

In December, Attorney David Engler filed a federal lawsuit against Van Kanegan on behalf of Aulizio, stating in the lawsuit that Aulizio was not under the influence of drugs and was not unresponsive and that Van Kanegan ignored his protests and physically threw him onto the pavement.  The complaint also says that Van Kanegan slapped Aulizio and said, “Shut up you little b****.”

That lawsuit is still pending in federal court with a conference scheduled on Thursday.

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