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Kim Kardashian claims she’s protecting kids while slamming Kanye West

In the Season 3 premiere of her family’s Hulu show, “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian goes on about how she’s focused on protecting her children’s relationship with their father Kanye West, so that’s why she always talks positively about him in their presence and refused to comment publicly on his social media “shenanigans” last year.

The “shenanigans” Kardashian apparently is referring to are the attacks West made against her as they were going through their divorce — accusing her of being unfaithful in their marriage and a bad mother because she once made a sex tape, according to Rolling Stone. The shapewear mogul also appears to be referring to the series of offensive, hateful remarks the rapper made in late 2022 about Jewish people, including when he proclaimed in an interview with Alex Jones: “I like Hitler.”

But it seems that Kardashian is undercutting her claims of protecting their four children by opening up about her ex-husband’s unstable behavior and cruelty to her on her reality TV show. She’s doing what she says she didn’t want to do: Comment publicly about how damaging she believes his behavior is to their children’s well-being and their future.

“All of his shenanigans, I don’t even know what the (expletive) to call it, is going to be far more damaging to the kids one day, than my tape will ever be,” Kardashian says tearfully, according to Rolling Stone. “And I have to sit here and not say anything, ever, because I know one day my kids will appreciate that.”

It’s understandable that Kardashian would want the world to know that she didn’t sit blithely by while West hurled his invectives into the world. The aspiring attorney is definitely making a move to protect her reputation by sharing how hurt and alarmed she was and how she didn’t approve. It’s also understandable that she thinks her children deserve to know the truth about the rapper. But in baring her soul on Hulu, Kardashian has ensured that her children will probably find out pretty soon how awful their father was and what she really thinks of him, assuming it won’t be long before they get access to the streaming service.

Kardashian filed for divorce from West in February 2021 after nearly seven years of marriage. Their four children are North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4. Before the divorce was finalized in November 2022, Kardashian dated comedian Pete Davidson but that relationship ended in August 2022. In the episode Thursday, Kardashian suggested that West’s threats against Davidson were a factor in her split from the former “Saturday Night Live” star,” Rolling Stone said.

“He went through a lot because of my relationship,” Kardashian said, referring to Davidson’s experience with West’s attacks.

In Thursday night’s episode, Kardashian first referred to her rapper ex-husband when she jokingly mentioned that her psoriasis was flaring up because of the stress he was causing in the wake of their breakup.

“Tell the father of my children to stop acting up, and then I won’t stress out and get psoriasis,” Kardashian said.

Rolling Stone estimated that Season 3 of “The Kardashians” was likely filmed between September and December 2022, the period when West nailed the coffin on his already failing reputation and torpedoed his lucrative fashion career by launching his “antisemitic press tour.” West started off by wearing  a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his own Yeezy fashion show and responded to the exploding backlash by accusing the “Jewish media” of censoring him. West next threatened to go “death con 3 on Jewish people” and unloaded more hateful rhetoric in interviews, resulting in a number of companies cutting ties with him, most notably Adidas, which terminated its billion-dollar deal with the rapper.

During all the drama, Kardashian remained publicly silent for the most part, Rolling Stone reported. She only denounced West’s antisemitic comments by briefly saying on Twitter: “Hate speech is never OK or excusable.” She also wrote on Instagram, without ever naming her ex-husband: “I stand together with the Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end.”

As Rolling Stone reported, Kardashian said nothing more publicly. She reveals on her show that she was concerned about protecting her children’s relationship with their father by not openly criticizing him.

“There’s been a lot going on with Kanye right now. Things are going on in the media — radio shows and interviews,” she said, Rolling Stone reported. “Even through all the craziness of everything that Kanye says about us, I never comment, I never post. He has made up the most insane narrative about (Kris Jenner, her mother) and the (sex) tape. We stay silent through all the lies, all the stuff.”

One of West’s attacks against his ex-wife involved Jenner, the Kardashian family matriarch, Rolling Stone reported. West repeatedly accused Jenner of pushing her daughters to appear in “sex tapes,” apparently out of fear that his ex-mother-in-law would encourage his children to go in that direction in the future.

On the show, Kardashian tries to present herself as taking the high road — always for the sake of their children. As much as West’s words or actions might hurt her, she said she tried to talk him up as much as possible in front of them.

“I will be his biggest cheerleader to them forever,” Kardashian said. At this point, she also suggested that “one day” North, Saint, Chicago and Pslam will learn the truth about their father and what she thinks of him.

“One day, when they see for themselves, I’ll answer whatever they want me to,” Kardashian said, according to Rolling Stone.

But it apparently hasn’t dawned on Kardashian that “one day” has become now, because she’s made her case against West on her Hulu streaming show. Entertainment outlets also have reported that Kardashian is slamming her children’s father in the season premiere.  Kardashian better get ready to answer all those questions she expects that her children will have “one day.” At least, it could be a relief that she could stop having to be his “biggest cheerleader.”

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