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Kounde clears up the rumours: “I’m not going anywhere”

Amidst the rumours about the departure of Jules Kounde, the footballer himself made his intentions clear on social media.

Xavi Hernandez began the conversations with the Barcelona first team, with a view to next season. The coach met with the players who wouldn’t make the cut and made his intentions for next season clear.

One of the players who spoke up was Jules Kounde, who expressed his disatisfaction to his coach about playing as right-back. The press have been reporting a possible departure for the Frenchman over summer, with the fee in the ballpark of 80 or 90 million euros.

There were also rumours that the former Sevilla player spoke to the club, explicitely asking to leave, as Christenson and Aruajo are fixed as centre backs in the lineup. This must have set off alarm bells, but the Frenchman quickly put the matter to bed on his social media accounts. 

He was linked with Man Utd and later Chelsea, but nothing turned out to be further from the truth. “To clear things up: I never asked to leave the club, so I’m not going anywhere”, he posted to his official Twitter account.

Last summer, Stamford Bridge was close to bringing the Frenchman onside, but Barcelona upped the anti and the French international decided to stay in Spain to play for Barca, where he has won the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga, up til now. 

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