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Leonardo DiCaprio and His “Pus*y Posse” Allegedly Invited Elizabeth Berkley For a Dinner Without Her Boyfriend, Got Slapped With a $45 Million Lawsuit After Horrible Turn of Events

There is nothing you can’t do when you are a rich A-list Hollywood star like Leonardo DiCaprio. Even at the start of his career in the 90s, he has managed to surround himself with a bunch of influential friends. Known for their flirtatious behaviors, DiCaprio and his crew embarked on several exploits, but the most notorious one would be with actress Elizabeth Berkley.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

The controversy sprouted after the Saved by the Bell star allegedly declined a dinner invitation from DiCaprio and his friends, who were not used to getting rejected. The disaster ended in a lawsuit involving Berkley’s then-boyfriend, Roger Wilson. So, what exactly happened?

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinner Invitation Turned Into A Chaotic Lawsuit

When Elizabeth Berkley attended the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 1998 movie, The Man in the Iron Mask, she easily caught his attention along with his posse that she ended up getting a dinner invitation through L.A. publicist Karen Tenzer. In an interview with New York Magazine, Berkley recalled:

[Tenzer] said, ‘Jay Ferguson and Leo are going crazy for you, and they want you to come to Elaine’s after this – without Roger.’

The actress turned down the offer, but because DiCaprio and his band of bad boys, collectively known as the “Pus*y Posse,” were not accustomed to being rejected, they did not let it go. They devised a devious plan to get Berkley to come, so they called her personal number. The Showgirls star recounted:

The next morning on my voice mail there was a message from Jay, saying, ‘Hey, baby, Karen gave me your number, we’re going to dinner later, we want you to come.’

Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley

The entire day was filled with voicemails from the publicist asking why she still had not responded to Ferguson. Scared and upset, Berkley decided to inform her then-boyfriend about the nuisance. Roger Wilson told the outlet:

I said, ‘Look, Jay, I know you guys are having a great time, and the town is your apple – but not this part of town. I don’t know how this got started, but I’m just asking you please not to call my home again, and Elizabeth has asked please that you not call her again… Okay?’

Ferguson hurled expletives at them and provoked Wilson that if he did not like what they were doing, he should tell it to their faces. He promptly put on his shoes and headed to Morgan’s Hotel where DiCaprio and his posse were staying at.

When Wilson arrived at the area, he asked why they kept disturbing his girlfriend with numerous phone calls at night. Soon after, they headed outside for the major confrontation when someone allegedly hit Wilson in the throat. He revealed:

[Leo’s posse] went crazy, saying, ‘Oh, no, oh, no, this can’t happen!’ And they jumped on the [unidentified attacker] and threw him back in the hotel. They were protecting him. And I never saw the kid again.”

Wilson’s larynx was severely damaged by the blow. The publicist was contacted through her office and denied her involvement with DiCaprio or the curious incident.

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The Aftermath Of Leonardo DiCaprio And His Friends’ Clash With Roger Wilson

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

The catastrophic skirmish ended with Wilson filing a lawsuit against DiCaprio for inciting his friends to assault him. The damage they did perpetually wrecked his singing career. Because of this, he demanded $30 million in punitive damages and $15 million in compensatory damages. Todd Healy, one of DiCaprio’s pals, admitted to smacking Wilson in self-defense after he saw him pulling out a weapon.

The lawsuit was dismissed in September 2004 despite the admission. The judge claimed that the assailant was too far when DiCaprio allegedly made the order, so there was no provocation that happened.

Many members of the Pus*y Posse are no longer speaking with DiCaprio, while some have led different lives. Despite the loss of communication, the Oscar winner makes it a point to hold on to the ones who stood by his side.

Source: New York Magazine

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