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We should take
long view on HSR

Re: “California should not emulate Whoosh” (Page A9, March 17).

Every station on the California high-speed rail system has a local plan developed on how passengers will gain access to and from it.

Many of the HSR stations will have “across the platform” access to regional/local rail. San Jose (with BART and Caltrain that will link passengers into the whole Bay Area) will likely become a major transportation hub. Many stations in the Central Valley will have direct linkage with existing or enhanced local rail services, providing access to nearby major city centers.

Also, initial passenger ridership response to a new facility normally takes several years of operation to change travelers’ patterns and mode of transportation before full ridership potential is achieved. Anyone who also considers a fast public transportation link down the Central Valley as being unnecessary should contemplate how long the journey will take by car using Highway 99, not just now but in 10 years.

Richard Davies
Pleasant Hill

Is housing push
accomplishing goals?

When is this continued and massive housing push in California going to end? Are houses really affordable with high interest rates, soaring energy and insurance costs, and unchecked inflationary prices?

This extensive house building is adversely impacting our lifestyles and environment — more traffic, pollution, and loss of open space and outdoor activities.

It is past time to assess whether the goals of this housing thrust are being met. Is it the few high-income individuals who can afford these homes?

Bernie Norton

Elections are safe,
fair and equitable

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