Logan Paul Finally Comes Clean About Hooking Up With Jake Paul’s Ex-girlfriend That Ruined Their Relationship


The world of sports and entertainment thrives on sibling rivalries. YouTube stars turned boxers and wrestlers, Jake and Logan Paul, are no strangers to this dynamic. Their journey intertwines athletic prowess with social media stardom, creating a whirlwind of attention and controversy that follows their every move.

Jake Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Graham Bensinger/YouTubeJake Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Graham Bensinger/YouTube
Jake Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Graham Bensinger/YouTube

Jake Paul once claimed Logan Paul slept with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. And, eventually, a feud started between Jake Paul and his older brother Logan Paul. 

In a recent interview, Logan Paul addressed the issue that created a storm on the internet.  

What Happened Between Paul Brothers and Alissa Violet? 

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet. Both hail from Ohio. They met and started dating and called themselves “Jalissa,” even making YouTube videos together. 

Alissa made an entire video exposing Jake, accusing him of cheating on her. It was alleged that Jake Paul started hooking up with other girls in front of her. And after a few months, Jake Paul appears and tells Shane Dawson in his docuseries that his brother Logan Paul and Violet had hooked up. 

I remember when I confronted her about [Logan], her justification was that, ‘You made me do this’“, Jake Paul said. (Via The Sun)

Jake Paul with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. Credit: Jake Paul/XJake Paul with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. Credit: Jake Paul/X
Jake Paul with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. Credit: Jake Paul/X

And I think it’s because then we were on and off for year and half, I would go off and be with other girls and she would go and be with other guys.”

[Logan] basically said, ‘Oh I didn’t think you guys were actually a thing and that you were actually dating.’”

A later deleted tweet of Jake Paul read: 

This is like Alissa ALL over again ?.” He hit back and said, “Yeah… and this time Im not being silent… Alissa f—ed my brother… that’s why i kicked her out…oopsie I just told them the truth…. Im done being the “bad guy.” (Via The Sun

In the docuseries, Jake Paul expressed how he felt betrayed by his brother and his ex-girlfriend. 

Logan Paul Talks About That Phase of His Relationship with His Brother 

In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Logan Paul opened up about how the relationship between his brother and him got worse after all those happening including Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. 

Logan Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Logan Paul/YouTubeLogan Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Logan Paul/YouTube
Logan Paul. Credit: Screengrab/Logan Paul/YouTube

Logan Paul recalls in the interview how during his tough time, Jake Paul was the one whom he could relate to. Talking about the time when his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend and he slept, Logan Paul said: 

I took his girl bro. His ex-girlfriend. I got her in my video then.” 

I hooked up with your girlfriend I have to defend myself I was given permission. Jake and I may have differing stories here he seemed to think they were girlfriend and boyfriend but was unwilling to do it publicly and she seemed to think that they were on like free terms or whatever I talked to him about it and he was okay with it but he seemed to change his mind when it actually went down. I think Jake was way more hurt than he’d like to let on but that was the thing that was the thing I had this relationship with this girl.”  

Jake Paul is now dating Jutta Leerdam a world champion speed skater from the Netherlands. He made his relationship with the athlete public in April 2023 when he posted alongside her on Instagram. Representing the Netherlands at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, she bagged the silver medal in the 1000m in the women’s speed skating event. 

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