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Michigan’s holiday weekend weather: What to expect if you’re traveling to another part of our state

The weekend forecast is fairly short and definitely sweet. The only need-to-know is what temperatures will be doing at your travel location.

Remember that we are still in the strong lake breeze time of year. On a calm sunny afternoon, like we will have this weekend, the wind can pick up and blow from Great Lakes’ waters to onshore areas. The temperature can plunge from the 70s to the 50s in just a few minutes. If you are going to be near a beach, have a jacket close by for the afternoon.

Here is the surface weather forecast showing the rain areas. Hint- there aren’t any rain areas anywhere in Michigan this weekend.


Radar forecast from Friday to the end of Memorial Day.

One other thing you get out of this forecast above is a small pressure gradient. There aren’t many black squiggly lines on the map which means the wind will be fairly light this weekend. We can expect wind direction to be variable because of the light winds. Variable direction means the wind switches direction back and forth simply because of the light wind.

Mornings will be chilly to cool, but not frosty. Afternoons will be very nice Saturday and starting to feel summery by Memorial Day.

Afternoon temperatures will go from the 70s Saturday to low-80s Sunday to even in the mid-to-high 80s Memorial Day.


High temperature forecast for Saturday.


High temperature forecast for Sunday.


High temperature forecast for Memorial Day

The total rainfall forecast below shows we don’t get any rain this weekend. Watch out for dry conditions if you want to have a campfire. Check and make sure campfires are allowed at your location because it could get too dry. Also put out any unattended campfire.


Total precipitation forecast through Memorial Day

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. The weather should be some of the finest for a Memorial Day weekend. The next weather topic is our first stretch of 90-degree weather may be coming.

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