More women report being randomly attacked while walking in New York City


NEW YORK — More women are coming forward who say they are victims of random attacks while walking in New York City.

Four women spoke with “Inside Edition” and say they were assaulted recently by strangers. Some say they were punched in the head or slapped in the face.

One of the attacks was caught on camera. The victim, who is a model, says it happened in broad daylight.

“I could sense on my right side that someone was quickly approaching from the other side of the street. And I had literally one second to look, and then I got punched in the side of my head,” she said.

Many of the victims are now posting videos on TikTok and other social media platforms to warn other women to try to protect themselves by taking precautions such as removing their headphones, putting their phones away and being extra alert of their surroundings.

NYPD sources confirmed to CBS New York they are looking into several random attacks on women that have happened in the past week in different Manhattan neighborhoods. In each case, the victim was punched in the head while walking.

Police arrested one suspect — 40-year-old Skiboky Stora — in connection to an attack on 23-year-old Halley Kate. Kate posted a video about the attack on TikTok, where it was viewed tens of millions of times.

Stora has been charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment, and he is being held on $10,000 bail. So far, Stora has only been connected to one attack, though sources say he remains a suspect in other cases.

Julie Menin, co-chair of the City Council’s women’s caucus, told CBS New York that it’s not clear if the same person is suspected in all of the attacks.

“In my conversations with NYPD, it seems to be more than one person,” Menin said. “One person is obviously one too many, but it becomes even more alarming if this is becoming a pattern in practice.”

The NYPD urges anyone who may have been victimized in a similar attack to report it to police.

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