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My Hero Academia Confirms All For One Never Had the Possibility of Redemption

In the latest My Hero Academia chapter #407, we learn a dark backstory about the villain All For One. He and his brother Yoichi became orphans when their mother died, and the chapter gets quite graphic about the tough times they faced. This adds a darker tone to the series and suggests a change in the storytelling.

All for OneAll for One
All for One

While My Hero Academia often shows characters with sad pasts, All For One’s story is especially grim due to the realistic art style. This makes the series feel darker than before.

In chapter 407, it’s clear that All For One can’t be redeemed. Unlike other villains, he doesn’t show any signs of changing for the better.

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All For One’s Terrifying Backstory Unveiled in a Gripping Chapter

All For One’s backstory is a truly scary villain origin story. It becomes even scarier as the chapter goes on, showing a young All For One using a stolen power to violently attack soldiers when he’s about three to four years old.

All for One OriginAll for One Origin
All for One Origin

This makes him possibly the youngest villain in My Hero Academia. While many villains in the series are young, none started showing such evil tendencies as early as All For One did. It’s hard to believe a child could be so malicious and violent, making the incident even more chilling.

The chapter’s striking art makes All For One look more terrifying than ever, especially his cold, piercing eyes.

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The Irredeemable Evil: All For One’s Dark Legacy

Bad guys like Touya, Toga, and Shigaraki might be seen as victims of their situations, but it’s hard to say the same for All For One, even though he had a tough start.

Yoichi’s character helps us understand All For One’s choices and mindset, even when he was a child. All For One seems like one of those villains who was just born evil, and he seems to choose to be malicious.


In the chapter, it’s also shown that All For One was evil from the beginning, and there’s no hope for redemption. All Might once called him the embodiment of evil. As the story continues, it will be up to Izuku to defeat him for good.

My Hero Academia has gotten darker in the latest chapter, and even though it’s kind of scary, the change is both refreshing and surprising. Importantly, the series has successfully brought back All For One as a menacing villain, setting the stage for the big final battle.

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