Olympic Games: Cypriot police officers with sniffer dogs in Paris | Liberal


There will be a Cypriot police presence in Paris to help with their security Olympic Games of summer.

A related request from the French authorities recently came to the Cyprus Police and according to information from philenews, it was specific.

The French wanted two sniffer dogs with their handlers. According to our same information, the Cypriot Police is ready to respond positively to the request of the French authorities, however, the presence of the two Cypriot police officers with their dogs must be approved by the Council of Ministers.

That is why a proposal is being prepared by the Minister of Justice so that the mission is approved and the two members of the force pack their bags.

As recently officially announced in France, due to mass gathering of citizens to watch the matches, there is an increased need for sniffer dogs for the purpose of checking for explosives.

According to our same information, a similar request for assistance in the security of the Olympic Games was forwarded to the National Guard.

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