Palma re-enacts the Crucifixion of Christ


Hundreds of people gathered in Ses Voltes today, in the shadow of Palma Cathedral, today to watch members of the local community re-enact the crucifixion of Christ in the Stations of the Cross or Via Crucis.
The re-enactment is carried out across the Catholic world on Good Friday.

The staging, based on the poem published in 1961 by Llorenç Moyà, began three years ago – coinciding with the post-pandemic period – outside Palma City Hall, where the route for the procession started.

The president of the Balearics, Marga Prohens, attended the ‘Via Crucis’ together with the Partido Popular senator Maria Salom and the councillor of Culture of the Ajuntament, Javier Bonet.
The event brought together a thousand spectators, including curious tourists and Mallorcans who did not want to miss this Easter tradition in Palma.

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