Problems with landless proposals are not addressed, the PtD responds to AKEL’s proposal for taxing banks | Liberal


The problems are not addressed with territorial proposals, he said President of the RepublicNikos Christodoulidis, regarding his proposal AKEL for taxing bank profits, stating that he is ready to discuss feasible proposals, within the framework of fiscal discipline.

Asked by a journalist, attending her conference Kinternal Bank to promote financial literacyregarding the statements of the General Secretary of AKEL on the taxation of banks’ excess profits and whether there is such a scenario on the table, he said that perhaps the Governor of the Central Bank could be asked about this mattergiven that it is a Central Bank conference.

President Christodoulidis noted that we are in a pre-election campaign period and that he knows very well that such statements “they sound very nice to people’s ears. At the same time, however, we must respect the society that listens to us”.

These cheap statements that I have been hearing for the last few days, at the end of the day the one they are underestimating is the Cypriot people themselves“, he said.

The problems with such groundless proposals are not addressed“, he added. He said he hears a lot of suggestions, “as if for so many years there were no Governments headed by party leaders or former party leaders and they didn’t make these decisions.”

He noted that he knows the party and political scene very well, “but at the same time we must respect, first and foremost, the Cypriot people».

“That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we’re here matter of accuracywhich is a fact, I am not underestimating it in any way, we took specific measures”, he said and noted that it is specifically about two packages of measures and many social benefits.

He mentioned that it is only through one holistic approach, bonus policy, wage increase and holistic approach to the issue of energy“that’s where the problems start”, as he said that this will be dealt with.

He reiterated that he gives a hand of cooperation to everyone. “Anyone who has proposals, recommendations, implementable, I am ready to discuss them, always within the framework of fiscal discipline.”

This country, he said finally, suffered from populist approaches and policiesnoting that he would not even want to think about what happened in 2012 ever happening again.

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