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Proposed law could nix tax on guns and ammo in Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A local lawmaker has introduced a bill in the Ohio House that would remove sales tax from guns and ammunition.

The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Al Cutrona, R-Canfield, said that rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights should not be taxed.

In addition to removing the sales tax, the bill also offers a tax credit that would offset federal excise tax imposed on manufacturers.

“With this bill, we are enforcing the constitutional rights of our citizens while helping Ohio’s businesses and consumers,” Curtrona said.

Cutrona said the bill makes Ohio competitive with neighboring states and the first state to exempt Second Amendment goods from sales tax.

Cutrona announced in 2021 that he was working on presenting the legislation. It now awaits its first committee hearing.

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