Suffolk County couple Wilkens Adonis, Daryllee Leibrock facing upgraded charges in 14-month-old son’s drug-related death


HOLBROOK, N.Y. — A Suffolk County couple is facing upgraded charges of manslaughter after autopsy results show their toddler ingested heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

District Attorney Ray Tierney is blaming New York’s bail reform laws because the boy’s parents remained free after a prior drug arrest.

Adoring pictures have been posted online of 14-month-old Joseph Adonis, but prosecutors say the day before the baby was born his parents, Wilkens Adonis and Daryllee Leibrock, were arrested for drug possession, including heroin, and released without bail, with no consideration of the danger they may have posed to their children.

Then they skipped court.

“Bail reform failed this child both during his life and in his death,” Tierney said. “Joseph Adonis’ cause of death was acute mixed drug intoxication caused by a mixture of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.”

In January, the toddler was found unresponsive in a Holbrook apartment. His DNA was allegedly found in close contact with drugs in a bedroom, within reach of the toddler and Leibrock’s 11-year-old child.

Both Wilkens Adonis and Leibrock are now charged with manslaughter and drug possession with the intent to sell.

Leibrock, who was visibly pregnant in court, entered a not guilty plea. Spectators there on her behalf declined comment. The boy’s father says the drugs were not his.

“He had custody of his child. The mother did not. There was a stay away order of protection,” defense attorney Matthew Tuohy said. “Right now, he is maintaining his innocence. He says he is not the cause of the child’s deat.”

“Our citizens are dying. Now, our children are dying,” Tierney said.

The district attorney, who is pushing for tougher penalties for fentanyl dealers, said the case highlights the deadly consequences for children.

“The problem is getting worse. Today was about baby Joseph Adonis. If our lawmakers do not do something we will be back here again for more babies and more toddlers,” Tierney said.

The judge ordered Leibrock to stay away from the 11-year-old, whose welfare she is also accused of endangering.

Wilkens Adonis and Leibrock are both being held on $500,000 bail, or $1 million bond. 

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