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Creator of the Year Paris Erotokritou appeared at the THOK Theater Awards ceremony with a Palestinian flag pin.

And he didn’t stop there, but in his acceptance speech after receiving the award he did not fail to note that “in a time of incredible cruelty with a genocide being committed just a few kilometers from here, the minimum that the theater can offer seems to my mind already large ». In fact, he said these words looking meaningfully towards the first rows of seats.

He continued the same “axe”, after referring directly to the President of the Republic and the Deputy Minister of Culture – who presented him with the statuette – he indicated the need for a structured cultural policy, but also for a “culture mentality that befits a modern European state” . He further pointed out that the funds available for culture are, in relation to other expenses, meager and often demeaning.

It’s what we say, take him to your wedding so he can tell you next year as well.

C. Sat.

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