The 6 Fashion Trends French Girls Are Buying Into for Spring 2024


Despite the seemingly constant rain, spring is, in fact, here. As we wait for the weather to catch up, Vogue spotlights the trends our counterparts across the pond are investing in for spring 2024. From low-rise jeans to polka-dot prints, these are the six trends you can expect to see French women wearing in the months to come.

Bermuda shorts

Good news if the pantless trend strikes fear into your heart: Bermuda shorts will be big this spring. The masculine effect of knee-length shorts is chic and ever so slightly unconventional. Take your pick from tailored, denim, cotton or leather versions.

Image may contain Sonny Zhou Blazer Clothing Coat Jacket Formal Wear Suit Adult Person Footwear Shoe and Standing


draped pleated long shorts

Weekend Max Mara

Ecuba pleated high-rise Bermuda shorts

Polka dots

Time for leopard to slink back off into the jungle: the 1950s-inspired polka-dot print is about to make its presence felt in a big way. Polka dots were all over the spring 2024 runways, adorning everything from minidresses to shoes to tights.

Image may contain Adult Person Clothing Footwear Shoe Dress High Heel Pedestrian Accessories Bag and Handbag


Rosaria polka-dot midi-dress

Stella McCartney

ruched polka-dot sleeveless top


Playful fringing adds a dose of fun to any look. It can be as subtle (detail on a clutch bag) or as overt (a miniskirt with a floor-sweeping fringe overlay) as you like.

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