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The 79p Home Bargains essential you MUST put in your kitchen cupboards if you want a mould-free home

SHOPPERS are rushing to buy a bargain item that fights mould in your home.

Home Bargains fans can place the item in their kitchen cupboards to keep the mildew at bay.

Shoppers can expel mould for good with an inexpensive Home Bargains item


Shoppers can expel mould for good with an inexpensive Home Bargains itemCredit: Getty

Shoppers can nab a pack of 12 Ambient Air Interior Dehumidifiers for £9.48 – which works out to around 89p per dehumidifier.

Simply pack them in all your kitchen drawers and cabinets where you store tableware, cutlery and utensils – as these dark and non-airy spaces are prone to mould growth.

Dehumidifiers act as a moisture absorber that help keep them dry.

You can find your nearest Home Bargains by using the store locator tool on the retailer’s website.

But make sure to shop around elsewhere as well in case there’s a better deal on offer at another store.

You can use tools like Google Shopping to compare prices, or download the Latest Deals app to search items and find where they’re cheaper.

Mould is a type of fungi that live on animal or plant matter, including building materials like wood and plasterboard, and furnishings like curtains, carpets and boxes.

It plays a major role in the ecosystem of the earth – but it can be dangerous inside the home.

Typically mould is caused by humiditycondensation. or poor ventilation.

Hundreds of thousands of homes across England have condensation and mould problems

It comes as shoppers flock to Home Bargains after one fast food fan claimed to have discovered a dupe for a McDonald’s favourite.

The bargain hunter said he hoped a spicy chicken fillet burger from the brand’s selection is similar to McDonald’s famed McSpicy.

Many shoppers who have already trialled the budget option said they were pleasantly surprised by its results.

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