The death of the 65-year-old Hatzikosta had occurred hours before – The vehicle fell into a 20-meter ravine | Liberal


For a long time, the fate of 65-year-old Panagiotis Chatzikostas from Nicosia seems to have been ignored, whose vehicle, as reported by filenews this afternoon, had fallen into a ravine in Gerakies village of Marathasa.

According to information on our website, the initial findings indicate that the death of the unfortunate man had occurred hours before 01:00 this afternoon when and authorities were alerted to the discovery of his vehicle in a ravine.

Safe conclusions about the circumstances under which the fatal event occurred and also about the exact cause of his death is expected to be determined by the autopsy which is scheduled to take place next Thursday.

In a police statement, it is noted that Hatzikostas was found dead in his vehicle at noon. on a cliff about 20 meters deep, in the village of Gerakies. The car was spotted by a citizen around 1pm. Members of the Police went to the scene, where they found the 65-year-old, in the driver’s seat, while ambulance medical personnel, who also went to the scene, certified his death.

THE Police reports that at an as yet unknown time and under circumstances that are being investigated, the 65-year-old allegedly lost control of the vehicle he was driving, on a private, fenced, dirt road, causing it to fall off the cliff.

The case is being examined by the Morphou Traffic Police and the Pedoulas Police Station.

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