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The sneaky air fryer trick which slashes your winter energy bills and ‘saves you even MORE money’ as chill hits

ONE savvy shopper has revealed a sneaky air fryer trick that he says will slash your winter energy bills.

And the man, who shares tips and tricks to TikTok under the name @costoflivingcrisistips, said it will save you even more money, too.

One TikTok user has shared a sneaky air fryer hack to slash energy bills


One TikTok user has shared a sneaky air fryer hack to slash energy billsCredit: www.tiktok.com/@costoflivingcrisistips
They said flicking the appliance off two minutes before it's ready would brings costs down


They said flicking the appliance off two minutes before it’s ready would brings costs downCredit: www.tiktok.com/@costoflivingcrisistips

The shopper said it’s a way of bringing costs down with air fryers – which are already a cheaper way of cooking.

He says now leaving your food to cook while the appliance is off could help save you even more.

The man wrote on TikTok: “Turning your air fryer off two minutes before it’s ready will save you money.

“The food will keep cooking for a short time after switching off the plug.

“Try it with different foods and see what works best.”

One person wrote: “Don’t air fryers use less energy/electric anyway? So it’s way cheaper to run than something like an oven.”

To which the original poster replied: “Yes, and this way you can save even more money.”

It’s not unusual for people to share their air fryer hacks online.

Just in time for Christmas one person shared how they make their ultimate cheesy pigs in blankets in their appliance.

A London-based foodie has shared her simple recipe for the ultimate pigs in blankets – and the secret ingredient is cheese – yes, you heard that correctly.

Emily, a food-loving mum, took to social media to show off how she makes the best festive snack – cheesy pigs in blankets.

Using a cheeky treat many of us will remember from our childhoods – cheese strings – Emily left many totally stunned with her unique take on a festive favourite. 

And if you’ve joined the air fryer crew – you’ll want to listen up.

But, if you’re yet to invest in an air fryer, a heap are coming up on sale in a few days’ time.

Black Friday sales have seen prices slashed, and shoppers are raving about cheap appliances.

Asda is offering a great deal on the kitchen essential and it can be snapped up for just £55.

Air fryers are such a hit with people that retailers have already started to announce price cuts, with great discounts to be had across a range of several different models.

Read more on the Scottish Sun

So far savvy shoppers have been treated to savings on popular air fryers from Ninja, Tower and Corsori to name a few.

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