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WCK, “shocked” by the deaths of its team members, uploaded the names, nationalities, ages and photos of X. They were a 25-year-old Palestinian, a 43-year-old Australian woman, a 35-year-old Polish man, a 33-year-old American-Canadian, and three British men, respectively. 57, 33 and 47 years old respectively.

Since the outbreak of war, WCK has been involved in humanitarian operations distributing meals in the Gaza Strip, where most of the approximately 2.4 million residents are facing starvation, according to the UN. He contributed to the dispatch of the first ship that left for the enclave in mid-March from Cyprus.

The US demanded that Israel carry out a “swift and impartial” investigation, while Britain summoned Israel’s ambassador to express its “condemnation”.

For his part, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese today expressed to his Israeli counterpart Netanyahu the “anger” of Australians for “this tragedy”.

On Monday, an AFP correspondent saw five corpses and three foreign passports at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Deir al-Bala.

The bodies of the six Westerners are expected to be taken today to the Rafah border post for repatriation, said Marwan al-Hams, director of Abu Najjar Hospital in the city on the Egyptian border.

Some 33,000 dead

Since the outbreak of the war, non-governmental organizations present in the Gaza Strip have reported that their workers or facilities have been targeted by Israeli shelling.

Due to the difficulty of getting humanitarian aid into the besieged Palestinian enclave by land routes, a first aid ship arrived in Gaza some 24 hours after it set sail from Cyprus in mid-March.

But a second vessel, the Jennifer, which was near the shores of the Gaza Strip, turned around and returned to the port from where it had departed, without delivering the nearly 240 tons of food it was carrying, after the shelling that led to the suspension of the WCK’s activity .

The war, now in its 180th day, was sparked by an attack by Hamas’ military arm on southern areas of Israeli territory on October 7, which killed more than 1,160 people, mostly civilians, according to an AFP tally. based on official Israeli data. According to Israeli sources, another 250-plus people were abducted and taken to the Gaza Strip, of whom more than 130 are believed to be still being held in the enclave — but 34 of them are believed to be dead.

Israel’s civil-military leadership has vowed to wipe out Hamas and at least 32,916 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israeli retaliatory operations in the Gaza Strip since then, according to the latest tally from Hamas’ health ministry, released yesterday. Tuesday.

Anti-Netanyahu protests for fourth night in a row

On Monday, after 18 days of operations, Israeli troops withdrew from Gaza’s Shifa hospital compound, leaving behind massive destruction and dead bodies.

The Israeli military said its forces “killed more than 200 terrorists and arrested 900 suspects”, accusing Hamas, which the US and EU consider a “terrorist” group, of using the hospital as a “command centre”.

Civil protection in Gaza, which is run by the Palestinian Islamist movement, said about 300 people were killed inside the hospital and around it in Israeli operations.

“Condemnation and denunciation are not enough in the face of the crimes that continue in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem,” said the new Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammed Mustafa, yesterday.

Hamas’ health ministry said earlier today that another 60 people had been killed in the enclave in the past few hours.

In Jerusalem, for the fourth night in a row, family members of hostages in the Gaza Strip and opponents of Mr. Netanyahu’s government gathered again in front of parliament to express their anger at the prime minister’s policies.

“You are campaigning against me, against the families of the hostages, you have turned against us. You call us ‘traitors’ when you are the traitor, the traitor of your people, of your voters, of the state of Israel,” Einav Zagauker, whose son remains a hostage in Gaza, burst into the microphone.

In the morning it was announced by their service that four Israeli Police officers were injured in a car attack against a checkpoint in the central part of the country. The assailant is dead, the Police clarified.

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