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WATCH: 9-year-old hands police bag of drugs, leading to mom’s arrest

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Police body camera video shows a 9-year-old boy handing officers a bag of drugs that he said he found under his mother’s nightstand.

Police in Henderson, Nevada, recorded the video while responding to the woman’s home in July 2022. The footage was recently obtained by Nexstar’s KLAS.

According to the bodycam video, the boy said he found the drugs before locking himself in a bathroom and calling his father with an iPad.

“I just saw a couple of bags, pulled it out, and then that’s when I knew what it was,” the child is heard telling police in the video.

The boy’s mother, Kendra Long, denied having any knowledge about the drugs. She was arrested later that night.

The boy was picked up from the home by his father on the night of Long’s arrest and is currently living with his dad.

Police ultimately determined that there were more than 100 grams of methamphetamine in the bag. Prosecutors also said they found text messages showing that Long was dealing drugs from her home while her son was present.

An officer can be heard in the body camera footage saying, “…That’s not recreation or personal use. That’s enough, you know, for a couple hundred people to party on a weekend.”

Long was arrested for drug trafficking and child abuse. She posted $25,000 on the day of her arrest, according to court records.

She later violated a family court order and other rules specified as a condition of her release, prosecutors said. Despite those violations she received no prison time and was sentenced to probation, which prosecutors said she violated. She was also sent to an in-patient drug treatment program.

Nexstar’s KLAS called an attorney representing Long for her side of the story, but he hung up.

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