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When footballers try their hand at acting

National player Jule Brand and Bayern star Alphonso Davies start in the cinema – directly in the Marvel universe! SPOX shows the football stars who tried their hand at acting.

“Footballers are good actors.” Many fans would probably agree with director Peter Schamoni’s statement. But some stars have taken it literally and tried their hand at a career in front of the camera. We show you a few more or less successful examples.

Alphonso Davies and Jule Brand

Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies and Vice European Champion Jule Brand take their first steps in the film business. The Canadian winger and the VfL Wolfsburg international have tried their hand at voice acting and will be heard in the superhero animated film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”. German theatrical release is June 1, 2023.

While Davies (22) speaks Spider-Man ’67, Brand (20) lends her voice to drummer Betty. The previous film “Spider-Man: A New Universe” from 2018 had won the Oscar for best animated feature a year later.

Joshua Kimmich

The midfield director of FC Bayern Munich could be seen in the Munich “crime scene”. In the March 12 episode “Hackl,” he played a fitness trainer named Kenny.

“We were extremely happy about Joshua Kimmich’s general interest in the Tatort productions and were happy to be able to offer him a small but fine role.” BR-Editor Cornelius Conrad quoted.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

At the Teutates: Zlatan against the indomitable Gauls? Fact: In the role of the Roman Caius Antivirus, Ibrahimovic will appear in the film “Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom”. The film by Guillaume Canet was released in French cinemas on February 1, 2023 and was also shown in Germany from May 18.

Meanwhile there is also a first trailer of the new Asterix film. In addition to Ibra, Hollywood star Vincent Cassel (right, in the role of Caesar) and Marion Cotillard as Cleopatra can also be seen. As a centurion, Ibra commands a Roman army.

While the Swede posted the film on Instagram with the words “Soon. Vive la France!” announced, Canet raved about Ibra’s qualities: “We were looking for someone with composure and arrogance. And he also did taekwondo.”

Royston turned

Edgar Davids’ nephew played for Real Madrid, was considered a talent of the century and failed miserably under pressure. He has been playing in the 6th Spanish league for Racing Merida since August 2022 and has also started an acting career.

In the Dutch streaming hit series “Mocro Maffia” he appears in a supporting role. The 33-year-old embodies a drug dealer by the name of Frenkie Prof. “I’ll be honest: I’m really proud of myself,” said Drenthe NOS.

“During the casting they asked me if I had acted before, but I hadn’t. By all appearances, I’m a natural,” said Drenthe. However, there is a sad connection to his supporting role for him.

When he was 3 years old, his father, a drug dealer, was murdered. “I know that he was a man who didn’t say anything. That was his undoing,” said Drenthe, who “deliberately” did not know the details of the murder.

Roman Weidenfeller

“Ship Ahoy” was the motto on New Year’s Day 2020 for the former BVB keeper. Weidenfeller took on a guest role in the ZDF cult series “Das Traumschiff”. The Dortmunder spoke of a “great honor”.

“I can’t wish for a better lucky charm for my start as a captain than an experienced and successful football captain like Roman,” said Florian Silbereisen, who has been mimicking the dream ship captain since December 2020. Weidenfeller’s acting career picked up speed, particularly at the request of Silbereisen: “I really wanted Roman to go on board with me.”

But Weidenfeller’s role caused confusion when it was broadcast. The BVB legend could only be seen after 80 minutes and that for only about 80 seconds in total. There was no connection between Weidenfeller’s performance and the 80-minute storyline.

“Manuel Neuer is just around the corner, drinks Roman Weidenfeller’s Coke, saves three shots on goal and gives birth to a healthy boy,” commented a Twitter user during the broadcast.

David Beckham

Heartthrob, model, one of the best soccer players of the new millennium and hairstyle pioneer. David Beckham’s career had many facets and acting was one of them. In the three-part film series “Goal” he played himself – as well as numerous other football stars from Real Madrid, Newcastle, Liverpool and Chelsea. His name was the inspiration for the film “Kick it like Beckham” and he also appeared there.

He also made cameo appearances in 2015’s Codename UNCLE and 2017 in the remake of Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur. However, Beckham earned scorn and ridicule for his acting there. That’s how he scolded telegraphBeckham literally “sabotage” a key scene with his performance.

The British Film Magazine Empire judged that “King Arthur” will be ruined for eternity by this “embarrassing cameo star appearance,” among other things. Director Guy Ritchie himself defended him for his controversial appearance in “King Arthur” before the critics: Beckham was a “very talented” actor.

Zinedine Zidane

Before Zidane rose to become a successful coach at Real Madrid, he celebrated his cinema premiere in “Asterix at the Olympic Games” (2008). Despite further offers, it ultimately stayed with this one role.

Paul Breitner

Breitner marketed his fame as a great footballer when he acted in two films – the western comedy Potato Fritz and the crime thriller Kunyonga.

“Potato Fritz” in particular received mostly negative reviews. The “confusingly staged film” lacks “suspense, speed and wit”. A “mystery comedy western that doesn’t understand its basically very funny potato philosophy”.

Sep Maier

The next world champion from 1974, who tried his luck in acting. Maier played in 1967 in the military outfit “When Ludwig moves into maneuvers”. It was to be his last appearance as an actor.

Berti Vogts

He had a devastating appearance in the “Greed” crime scene. The Mirror: “The former national player stood in front of the camera petrified and scratched a rabbit that seemed less afraid of the limelight than he did.”

Nevertheless, his appearance in front of the cameras contributed to a kind of legend formation. Because his completely emotionless text became a cult: “Give the rabbit an extra carrot. It saved our lives.”

Vinnie Jones

The acting career of the legendary “Axe” was completely different. Because of his rough style of play at FC Wimbledon and FC Chelsea, Jones made it further in Hollywood than almost any other ex-kicker.

It is not uncommon for the 57-year-old to slip into action-packed roles. His most famous films include “Snatch”, “Jack, Queen, King, GrAS” or an appearance in the Marvel series “X-Men”. Jones also achieved cult status through his role as a highly aggressive Manchester United hooligan in the teen slapstick film “Eurotrip.”

Eric Cantona

Like Jones, the Manchester United crowd favorite has now appeared in over 20 films. Eric Cantona’s acting breakthrough: 1998 as the French ambassador in “Elizabeth”. The historical film even won an Oscar.

Carlo Ancelotti

Alongside numerous other Italian footballers, Ancelotti also appeared in Terence Hill’s 1983 beating epic “No one hits like Don Camillo”. Ancelotti was then 24 years young and in the service of AS Roma.

He played for Mayor Peppone’s “Devil’s Team” in the film. Roberto Boninsegna played at Hill’s side. “Really a lot of fun,” Ancelotti said at the time: “Terence was very nice, a great guy.”


The Brazilian had a cameo appearance in “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” alongside Samuel L. Jackson, but only had to look grim for a moment – and then was allowed to do what he is so good at: kick – namely a napkin holder to a robber’s head.

It was not to be his only screen appearance: As a Brazilian monk named Jao, he had a cameo appearance in his “favorite series”. He was allowed to take part in a scene in the very popular Netflix production “Money Heist”.


In 1981, in the World War II drama “Flight or Victory”, in which film star Sylvester Stallone also played, Pelé and several other footballers – such as Bobby Moore – were given the opportunity to try their hand at acting.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 has announced several times that it will try its luck in Hollywood at some point. “I want to make films. Not for the money, but to try new things,” Ronaldo explained Sky Italia. So far nothing has been published apart from many documentaries about himself. For the future we are also canceling CR7: Film!

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