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White House press secretary responds to Jon Stewart’s Biden critique in Daily Show return

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked her thoughts about Jon Stewart’s return to The Daily Show, the late-night show that launched him into political commentary stardom.

Jean-Pierre admitted she hadn’t seen it but asked “Was it good?” A reporter then referenced the segment where Jon Stewart lampooned Biden for his feisty defense to the special counsel report released last week.

“Boom! He took them to the house!” Stewart exclaimed, lauding Biden’s pushback against reporters asking questions about mental acuity.

“You didn’t mess up. You did- no, no, no, don’t stop!” Stewart narrated as footage rolled of Biden turning and making his way back to the podium. “Take the W. What are you doing?”

After feigned resignation, Stewart said “allow me to present to you a one-man show about what Joe Biden’s advisors were doing when turned around and went back to the podium. The show is called: No! Do not go back!” he ended with a drawn-out yell.

“The president is going to stand and defend himself,” Jean-Pierre responded. “The way that report was characterized, not just me saying this, legal experts on both sides said it was flatly wrong. And it was gratuitous. And it was inappropriate.”

Jean-Pierre then reiterated that the White House will continue to talk about the special counsel report and that the White House Counsel’s Office will address any process questions.

Jon Stewart will be hosting The Daily Show exclusively on Mondays at 11pm on Comedy Central through the 2024 Presidential Election.

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