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Alabama woman in ‘secret relationship’ with ex-husband allegedly fakes home invasion as daughter shoots him

A Calhoun County woman and her daughter are charged in the shooting of her ex-husband after initially claiming she was the victim of a home invasion.

On Feb. 6, deputies responded to a shooting call on Pattiway Drive in Alexandria where they found 47-year-old Scott Ingram suffering from multiple gunshots wounds.

Wendy Ralston, 46, had an active protection from abuse order against Ingram and she claimed that he had appeared at the residence in violation of that order.

Ralston told authorities that Ingram had physically assaulted her and that she had escaped from the residence earlier in the day. Ralston did not contact law enforcement at that time.

Ralston returned to the home later in the day with her daughter, 24-year-old Destynee Cheshire, said Sheriff Matthew Wade.

Cheshire began searching the home for Ingram.

The investigation shows that Cheshire kicked open a locked bedroom door and encountered Ingram in the room.

Ultimately, the sheriff said, Cheshire fired three shots at Ingram with a 9 mm pistol, striking him three times, once each in the abdomen, arm, and leg. Ingram was transported to an area hospital.

The investigation showed through digital evidence that Ralston misled law enforcement in the events that had taken place.

Additionally, Wade said, she had allowed Ingram to be in the home in violation of the protection order and that she was aware that he was in the residence when she and Cheshire returned.

Ralston filed false reports with law enforcement and subsequently filed a warrant under false pretense, he said.

Ralston is charged with first-degree assault, a felony, and false reporting to law enforcement, which is a misdemeanor.

Cheshire is charged with first-degree assault.

“Ralston had made allegations that she didn’t call law enforcement due to our lack of action,’’ Wade said. “In reality, Ralston had a secret relationship with Ingram.”

“She made detrimental allegations to her daughter and others that led to the shooting of Scott Ingram,’’ he said.

Wade said Ralston tried to hide information from law enforcement, but the facts were discovered through a forensic examination of digital media belonging to Ralston.

Ingram even told Ralston in a discovered text that he felt like he was being “set-up”.

“As sheriff, I take great caution in arresting anyone claiming to be a victim of domestic violence,’’ Wade said. “However, the facts discovered in this investigation are clear and overwhelmingly proves that Ralston has lied manipulating the system for her person benefit.”

“In addition, her lies have caused the physical injury to Scott Ingram and caused him to be accused in our criminal justice system,’’ the sheriff said. “Ralston’s actions are offensive to the true victims of domestic violence and law enforcement.”

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