Logan Paul Claims He Lost $500,000 Because of the CryptoZoo Disaster


Logan Paul is known for being a jack of all trades. Apart from being a professional wrestler in the WWE, Paul is also a viral social media influencer, YouTuber, actor, and entrepreneur who has a loyal and die-hard fan base. The athlete launched a game called CryptoZoo in 2021 in which users could earn tokens to make money.

Logan PaulLogan Paul
WWE star Logan Paul (image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Unfortunately, the game did not take off as Paul had planned and went on to become extremely controversial after a YouTuber called him out for scamming his fans of millions of dollars. While the WWE star denied these allegations, he recalled the tough times he faced owing to the extreme backlash he received, which almost took him over the edge with thoughts of s*icide.

Logan Paul Almost Took An Extreme Emotional Step Following CryptoZoo Scandal

We’ve often heard that success and failure are two sides of the same coin, and Logan Paul has lived by this phrase. While the multifaceted celebrity has seen massive success in various fields and endeavors, one ambitious business venture that he took on ended up being a regrettable development in his career.

The YouTuber started a game called CryptoZoo in which users could invest a sum of money and earn non-fungible tokens (NFT), which would increase in value over time. Paul had high expectations for this venture, which he claimed would gain huge popularity all over the world. With his famous name attached to it, many fans and gaming buffs put their money behind the project.

Logan Paul on his podcast Impaulsive

Unfortunately, the reality was completely different. Along with the shocking news that the game will not be officially released, a report in Time indicated that many viewers who invested their savings into CryptoZoo were left with nothing in their pocket.

This included 20-year-old Reuben Tauk, who borrowed $67,000 from his father and was shocked to see that the entire money went down the drain. Another popular YouTuber named Coffezilla  made a detailed analysis and established that this game was nothing but a cryptocurrency scam, with Paul having completely cheated everyone with a promise he could not keep.

With many more people becoming victims of what was now being termed as a multi-million dollar scam on the part of the influencer, the celebrity faced some of the biggest challenges in his life. Paul denied all allegations and stated that he did not cheat anyone and was a victim of money loss himself. Speaking candidly in a documentary 5 Months With Logan Paul, he revealed how this difficult time almost drove him to take an extreme decision.

“For the first time in my life I was having suicidal thoughts, I was just spiralling. I was crying, like sobbing. I felt weak, which is uncommon for me. I’m supposed to be the leader. I’m going to take care of the people who made me look like this was a scam perpetrated by me. I didn’t make any f***ing money, bro. I lost half a million dollars on this.”

The influencer stated that his only intention to introduce this game was to give fans a unique experience. Despite his genuine reasons for doing so, he realized that the venture had unfortunately created more destruction for his viewers and himself.

Logan Paul’s Airplane Mode Holds This Forgettable Record

While the failure and controversy surrounding CryptoZoo is something that Logan Paul will want to erase from his life, he has also faced other low moments in his career. Having tried his hand at multiple skills, including wrestling and boxing along with a cult following on YouTube, the social media influencer has also attempted acting.

Airplane ModeAirplane Mode
Logan Paul in Airplane Mode

In an interview with Adweek, Paul spoke about his 2019 film Airplane Mode, an action comedy that deals with a teenager who travels to Australia for a social media convention.  While the publication referred to the film as an ‘American Pie for Gen Z’, the WWE wrestler felt it was similar to The Expendables with internet stars at the helm. Unfortunately, audiences did not share Paul’s enthusiasm.

While the film was trolled brutally for being a blatant copy of the 1980 film Airplane right down to the jokes, Airplane Mode’s biggest disaster was its dubious record on YouTube, a space that Paul has dominated for so many years. The movie earned the forgettable distinction of being nominated as the worst YouTube movie in history.

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