Major retailers closed on Easter: Target, TJ Maxx, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Publix, Aldi, more


Easter is Sunday, March 31.

The Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus is a “moveable feast” on the liturgical calendar, meaning it occurs at different times each year.

Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the “Paschal Full Moon,” the name given to the first full moon to occur after the spring equinox, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Though the equinox’s exact date varies each year, the church always recognizes it as March 21, so you look for the first full moon after that date.

On years when the first full moon of spring falls on a Sunday, Easter is observed the following week. Over 500 years from 1600 to 2099, the dates Easter has most often been celebrated are on March 31 and April 16th.

Several major retailers are closed on Easter. Here’s a look at what’s open and what’s closed:

Aldi – Closed

Costco – Closed

HomeGoods – Closed

Kohl’s – Closed

Lowe’s – Closed

Macy’s – Closed

Marshall’s – Closed

Michael’s – Closed

Publix – Closed

Sam’s Club -Closed

Target – Closed

TJ Maxx – Closed


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